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It is very difficult to compare donor management systems that also process credit cards and that integrate seamlessly with your nonprofit website. Fortunately, some excellent work in comparing donor management and credit card processing has been accomplished by nTEN and Idealware.
Family Volunteer programs are more than a trend these days. Busy families welcome the opportunity to do something together. Setting up a family volunteer program could be a great plus for your organization.
It is more important than ever to have a basic press room on your nonprofit web site in order to attract the media.
Giving circles are rapidly becoming a popular way for individuals to channel and amplify their philanthropic impulses.
Giving Circles are Hot, Especially for Donors Who Want to Get Up Close and Personal with Their Causes
The DonorsChoose website is appealing and easy-to-use. The mission is simple, and the photos and graphics go right to the point.
A Family Foundation is one that derives its funding from one family.
The most common form of nonprofit is the 501(c)(3), a tax-exempt organization recognized by the IRS. But, there are many types of nonprofits that are registered by the IRS, and they all have different designations.
Whatever source or directory you use to find prospective funders for your grant, the authors of Winning Grants, Step by Step, suggest that you keep these goals in mind as you compile your list.
Nonprofits with active grants programs should be continually searching for grant opportunities. Spending 3-4 hours a week on this task is probably minimum.