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Payday Loans vs. Credit Cards - which are worse to take out cash from? They both have their pros and cons (mainly cons) but if you were in a bind and had to pick one, which would it be? This debate popped up during my coffee meet up w/ James from Dinks Finance last night (I told you I'd be blogging about it! haha...). BUT, the crazy thing here was that we found ourselves defending opposite sides! He was slamming credit cards, and I was quick to diss those damn payday loans . It was an e
Credit Report 101 To understand how to ( the best credit card ) you must know what is a ( Credit Bureau Report ) and how they are used. You also need to know what a credit repository is in their role in affecting your credit. First a ( Credit Agency ) is a company that gathers information from member companies about the credit that you have with them. They provide a means for the creditors to report information to them regarding your credit account. The information they then report is called o
One type of company is making a killing in the current economic situation. Whereas many credit companies are feeling the pinch of the slow down in consumer spending and debt payments, debt settlement companies are experiencing an uncustomary rise in business.Debt settlement companies offer beleaguered consumers with large credit card debts a way out of their debts at a seemingly lower cost. Many consumers are hooked by the promise of debt settlement companies, and who wouldn’t be? Debt settlemen
51 Bank Fees Rise as Lenders Try to Offset Losses Visa Signature Partners with Fandango for Exclusive Movie Ticket Perks Reuters: US fines American Express over convenience checks Merchants' Choice Markets Hypercom Optimum to 41,000+ Retailers MasterCard Canada Welcomes Senate Committee's Rejection of Price Controls and Support of Debit Competition 24/7 Wall Street: Citigroup (C) To Jack Up Credit Card Rates On 15 Million Accounts AuctionBytes: BofA, First Data
Yesterday, the Department of the Treasury sent to Congress specific language for a bill that would create the Consumer Financial Protection Agency . The agency will be dedicated to looking out for American families when they take out loans or use other financial products or services – with a mission to promote access and protect consumers from unscrupulous practices across the market. This new agency will implement and enforce the new credit card bill signed into law by President Obama and Co
In an article titled " Credit Card Issuers Raising Rates Ahead of New Law ", Nancy Trejos writes for the Washington Post about how some US credit card issuers are raising fees and interest rates ahead of the date when new rules take effect early next year - "much to the irritation of Congress and consumer advocates."
Fitch Ratings reports that credit card chargeoffs in June were 10.44%, 62% higher on a year over year basis. 60+ day delinquencies set yet another record high at 4.45% this month after dropping seven basis points (bps) in May. Given delinquency and bankruptcy trends, Fitch expects chargeoff increases to decelerate in the coming quarter, although actual improvements are not foreseen at this time.
Our net worth is up 40% from last month - now at $95k! And we owe it all to my 401(k), baby! I've hinted at some problems with it in the past - we were waiting for it to show correctly in our accounts (long story) - but the good day has came and we're back on track! A whopping $30k on track . I know I've harped on it before, but it just goes to show that consistent saving & investing DOES ADD UP over time. And hopefully you'll be able to watch it grow every month instead of getting
“And he said unto him, Well, thou good servant: because thou hast been faithful in a very little , have thou authority over ten cities.” Luke 19:17 There are many small ways to reduce costs in our every day lives, so to help do just that each week I post a money saving “Tip of the Week”. This weeks tip involves… Free Personal Finance Templates! Have you been using Microsoft Money or some other priced Personal Finance software, but are now looking for an alternative?  Manage your fi
By Paul Michael Self-promotion is not easy. Whether you're a high six-figure consultant, or earning $10 an hour in retail, you still have to talk about yourself in the right way. And one of the key ingredients of self-promotion is the resume. Nail it, and you get your foot in the door. Blow it, and you blow your chances at a better job, better career or even a better life. As a professional advertising copywriter, I've been asked many, many times to help friends and relatives with thei
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