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The pound had the best performance this week in months after speculations suggest that the national central bank will stop its current asset-purchase program used to stimulate the economy to escape from recession.(...)Read the rest of Pound Extends Gains on Renewed Optimism (62 words)
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There was a none-too-subtle shift in sentiment for the British pound last week. With just a few comments from a member of the Bank of England, we have...
The Australian dollar, together with its New Zealand counterpart are among the best performing currencies in foreign-exchange markets in 2009 after evidences pointed the resilience of South Pacific countries to recover from the crisis, attracting worldwide investors to the region.(...)Read the rest of Will Australia Raise Interest Rates? (153 words)
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What is the most influential driver behind the Japanese yen? The same underlying current for all capital markets: risk appetite. It used to be the case...
The U.S. dollar had a weak performance this week reaching record lows versus the euro and the Australian dollar but managed to pare some of its losses as traders could think the current devaluation may be too severe and that it would not reflect economic fundamentals in the U.S.(...)Read the rest of Dollar Rebounds on Undervaluing Speculations (72 words)
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Trading interest rate differentials is far from a new idea. In fact, it’s one of the most simple trading ideas that exist.However, just because the idea is simple doesn’t mean that there aren’t pitfalls that you should be aware of.Trading interest rate differentials isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.Trading Interest Rate Differential
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The Canadian dollar, which benefited from a high on crude oil markets and traded near parity with its U.S. counterpart witnessed a significant fall towards the end of these week’s session as equities did not perform in favor of the Canadian currency.(...)Read the rest of Canadian Dollar Farther From Parity With Greenback on Stocks (158 words)
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While the anchors on CNBC are celebrating the Dow once again breaching the 10,000 level by wearing their Dow 10K hats, I have to look at this with a critical...
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