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In a nationally televised address to Congress, President Obama asked critical lawmakers and a skeptical nation to reach consensus on legislation to expand health coverage.

For many years now, I’ve been a loyal Costco warehouse club member. In my earlier days, I signed up for Costco’s entry level Gold Star membership program at what’s now $50 a year – applying for the co-branded Costco American Express True Earnings credit card in the process for the extra 1% cash back rebate on all club purchases. Over the years, there have been a few instances when I seriously considered discontinuing my membership due to lingering complaints and gripes about overcrowding and
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Ally Bank Review I’m excited to finally be getting around to talking about the new Ally Bank and their top of the heap annual percentage yield . You’ve probably seen them in the news recently, seen their ads all over the Internet, or watched them shoot to the top of my list of top high-yield online savings accounts . Below I’ve detailed a bit more about Ally Bank and their account opening process. FDIC Insured Deposits with Ally Bank are FDIC Insured up to $250,000 per depositor. So, n
Chances are you’ve read multiple articles about saving money on prescription drugs.  Use generics, try the mail-order route on recurring prescriptions, consider splitting pills (accurately), and be sure to run the costs through your health insurance and then your FSA.  It is all good advice, much of which you’ve heard before. In the scheme of healthcare costs, prescription drugs are generally considered one of the “good” expenses in healthcare.  It is cheaper to treat your high blood pressure
Sanofi plans to begin marketing Multaq, generically known as dronedarone, in the United States this summer.