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The XHB is seeing action to the upside as investors wager on a sustained housing recovery.
Fixed-income exchange-traded funds that focus on bonds are soaking up a lot of assets.

Cost cutting is down to the bone and the charts suggest that bears have the upper hand in shares of this health club chain.
The conventional wisdom is that the dollar will keep on tanking. The charts throw a wrinkle into that thinking.
The bull is still very much in charge, but it pays to be cautious.

Experts give views on fund fee oral arguments.
Moving averages may be rearview indicators, but they're useful for confirming trends and spotting buying and selling points.
Market watchers differ on the pace of economic resurgence.

Convinced the Great Recession has long legs? Stay away from hotels and buy apartments and telecom warehouses, our experts say.
Hough: Five reasons to look beyond the clamor for an extended tax credit.

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