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Dick Bove believes BofA's board will look internally for an interim CEO to succeed Ken Lewis.
Bank of America CEO to step down at end of year after taking a whipping over Merrill acquisition.
ICBC inches toward its goal -- global expansion -- by offering $544 million for a Thai bank.
Vodafone and Orange get the iPhone; O2 onto the next hot phone.
A resurgent loan market could bring LBOs back to life.
China's Sinochem has agreed to take up Nufarm but the deal might not happen.
Credit the feds with getting new bond sales rolling.
Tim Larkin schools businessmen in defending themselves in life-threatening situations -- and teaching them to kill if necessary.
Rising consumer sentiment and falling inventories pushed copper up from one-month lows.
Two economists offer different views as small business owners say capital is scarce.
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