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Last fall Dodge & Cox International made big bets in the emerging markets and in economically sensitive stocks it considered undervalued, such as financials. By the end of 2008 the portfolio had sunk 47%, making it one of the worst-performing foreign large-value funds last year.
There is a growing desire among global investors to hold specialized commodities, in particular a commodity -- water -- that many in the U.S. may not even think of along with gold, oil or soybeans.

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Invesco Ltd. agreed to buy Morgan Stanleya s retail investment management business for $1.5 billion in stock and cash, the industrya s third takeover of an asset manager from a bank in four months.
The manager of the world’s largest bond fund is raising the pace at which he’s leaving mortgage-related securities.

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Kasikornbank yesterday launched three mutual funds offering long-term savers more attractive returns than deposit accounts.
A new study suggests that mutual-fund shareholders are paying as much as $9.6 billion per year in extra or unnecessary costs that they are unaware of, and it should have started a fire in the fund industry. Instead, it fizzled.

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Rarely has there been a more perilous time to be a bond investor. Having lived through one of the most frightening market episodes in a generation, investors have rushed headlong into the perceived safety of bonds.
Investors fretting over a weaker U.S. dollar and the outlook for inflation have been stuffing cash into exchange-traded funds following commodities, foreign stocks and inflation-protected bonds, industry data show.

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Regular readers know I don't hide the fact that I like a deal, whenever and wherever I can.
Worried that hidden fund fees are devouring your 401(k)? Your health savings account may be next.
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