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Under pressure from the E.U., the Dutch bank announces a rights issue, sells off assets.
Big oil companies with more upstream operations in oil production stand the best chance of beating 3Q estimates.
If you think the economy is going to bounce back from the current slowdown before next spring, as I do, then the natural question is which stocks will lead the market recovery.
Tuesday's bad economic news, and the sharp selloff that resulted, are the latest signs that the stock-market decline is still going on.
Charles Schumer and Duncan Niederaurer want to pay for regulating dark pools with a tax based on volume.
Deutsche Bank and Shell overshoot forecasts but BASF disappoints.
Really bad stock markets knock down shares of all kinds. That's essentially what has been happening since the start of 2008, as subprime fallout led to recession anxiety. But not every market sector faces the same problems and uncertainties.
ICBC inches toward its goal -- global expansion -- by offering $544 million for a Thai bank.
It'll be harder to say 'no' to bidders like StanChart if the E.U. forces the bank to offload more core assets.
Nothing happens in business until somebody sells something. And most of the time, that requires a lot of advertising.
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