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by Richard Legg Affiliate internet marketing is a really lucrative business to get into but you have to take note that it is still a business and it would require some effort on your end. Because you are doing business, always be prepared to encounter some problems which may affect your business operations, however, if you are doing things the right way, be prepared to receive a continuous flow of sales which hopefully helps to supplement your 8 hour job or if you are lucky enough you may even
Many people sign up for an affiliate marketing opportunity, place a few ads, and sit back waiting for that first $1,000 or $50,000 to roll in with their name on it. Of course, only disappointment rolls in when they realize that this wasn’t a get-rich plan; it wasn’t even a make-a-few-extra-dollars plan. In some cases they [...]

March this year saw the first Think Visibility conference in Leeds. I was in attendance (and speaking) and it was awesome. So awesome that the event organiser Dom is doing it again on Saturday the 12th September this year. As a special treat for my blog readers he has also given me a 20% off voucher code for tickets. Simply quote “
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;here” when buying your ticket and you will get a nice saving of £20 off the £99 ticket price.
WARNING - The last event in March sold out really quickly and there were loads of people who left it too late to buy tickets and therefore missed out. Don’t make the same mistake this time, book your tickets now!
So why and who should go? Well, anybody involved in internet marketing or “the internet” in any way shape or form. For affiliates, we have our very own Chris Clarkson and Our Elaine speaking. There will also be speakers from the world of SEO, blogging, PR, Branding, Analytics, Usability, Social Media and Domain Names. Last but not least I will be sitting on a secret panel along with Chris Garrett, Al Carlton and Patrick Altoft, it should be fun! See the full list of speakers here.
See you there!
Follow @thinkvisibility on Twitter for updates as they happen.
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Think Visibility Conference discount code - 20% off tickets
This post originally appeared on the Affiliate Marketing Blog by Shawn Collins Running to Stand Still in Affiliate Marketing I noted a couple weeks ago how there are some parallels between getting into affiliate marketing and becoming a runner . My point was that you should expect to make a million or run a marathon right after you start up in something. But it makes it easier to have some guidance when getting started. I was reading a cantankerous post on about where to lear
These days, people are starting to use their writing skills by coming up with an ebook and earning money in the internet. But there money does not come that instantly when you are trying to sell ebooks, especially if you do not know how to market your ebook. This is the reason why you need to do effective marketing of your ebook to let it sell like pancakes. Ebook Promotion: Email Marketing Ebook Email marketing is a common method that is done to promote ebooks. Sending information about y

So, a nice big parcel arrived the other day, great I like surprises. Turns out it was 2 bottles of wine from Neil Sampson at DC Storm asking if I wouldn’t mind writing a bit about the new service for webmasters, especially affiliates. OK I can see how this would be of use to my readers, but the problem is that DC Storm is an integrated web analytics and PPC optimisation piece of software and I’m possibly the least analytical person in the world. The most sophisticated ppc tracking/optimisation software package I use is my
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“gut feel” combined with an excel spreadsheet, and even then I only get Excel out if I’m in the mood, which isn’t often. I’m not saying my way is the right way, it’s just that I don’t have the patience to analyise, I really don’t. Yes I’m sure I could do better if I did but what can I say? It’s just not for me.
So, I asked around and some people I know who do analyise/optimise, and do it well, and they rate DC Storm and Neil. Good enough for me, hence this blog post.
It turns out that Neil has been involved in Affiliate Marketing for roughly as long as me, 10 years or so. He worked at DGM first then left to become an affiliate and diversify into other projects. Oh, and he’s from the North East too so obviously a good pedigree.
So what does DC Storm do?
No idea, but here’s some of the press stuff:
Key Features
• Automatic end to end tracking between search engine and affiliate network.
• Optimise your PPC campaigns easily against your key performance indicators. Storm for Affiliates™ has been designed with accuracy of data and flexibility of features in mind. We provide tools for experts to use, not a black box solution.
• Harvest the long tail keywords that your users type in to find you, reducing your overall cost per click.
• Analyse your Google quality score over time to see the effects of your landing page and ad copy changes.
• Report on custom measures by using your own formulae and calculations
• Automate and schedule tasks including PPC optimisation and exporting useful reports
Proven Success
A handful of large affiliate have been trialling Storm for Affiliates pre-release and they all rate the product very highly. One affiliate managed to increase their ROI by over 60% within 2 months of optimising with DC Storm. This truly is a revolution for affiliates and will undoubtedly save hours of time in manipulating data that can be better spent on doing the important stuff like making money. Storm for Affiliates hopes to end the days of affiliate best-guess marketing.
So there you are, I do know some people who I respect who use this and they really rate it. So head on over now and let me know what you think.
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P.S. I really do appreciate it when companies send me gifts, however I have to be honest here and say that I don’t actually drink wine. I’ve actually got over 50 bottles in my garage that have been kindly “donated” over the years. Don’t worry it does get drank by guest etc. but I’m fast running out of room in there. So if you’re feeling like sending me something in future then chocolate, mobile phones, gadgets of any type or something a little different would be gratefully received
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Introducing DC Storm
  Webmasters often avoid dealing with the issue of search engine optimization, as it often seems to complex and mysterious. Today I’m going show you that search engine optimization is not scary, and with that being said, it’s time to face that fear. Having a high search engine ranking for your website is so essential to your business that it should be taken seriously if you want to succeed in your business. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn attract up to 85% of all searchers using t
This is a great explanation about how the leads that are generated through the internet can eventually be converted into potential business partners or buyers of affiliate products.
Internet marketing is a lucrative business. There are many people who make a substantial income just selling their products or services on the Internet, but also welcomes the products or services on Internet marketing. Revenues come from different points of sales through affiliate programs of services, direct sales of the product, marketing or related to Internet offerings. With different characteristics, such as round the clock operation, the opportunity to expand the customer base, and low
One of the biggest problems I see in the business of affiliate marketing today is that there are too many affiliates that are out to make a quick buck. Many do anything and everything they can to make easy and fast commissions. Some of the practices that are employed include over hyping products, pushing low quality products....