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Making yourself essential to your customers is a sure way to help your business survive till the economy recovers. Here are four things to focus on to make yourself indispensable.

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Microsoft's stock (MSFT) shot up early this morning as it drastically outperformed earnings estimates in the 3rd quarter. This is largely due to the continued success of XBox 360 and Microsoft Office and despite the overall failure of Windows... Read more
Last spring, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that unemployment among 18 to 25-year-olds was a staggering 16.1%. If you are among this army of unemployed or underemployed young people, it's time you considered another option: start your own business. Find out how to get started from Donna Fenn, author of Upstarts!

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Have you ever seen a happy convenience store clerk? Neither have we. But for some reason, an employer in this week's weird jobs is actually trying to get one: 1. CA: Professional Career Position We are looking for individuals who want to... Read more
What are some cash-flow options available other than traditional banks? What is the biggest business blunder management is making regarding social media? Should our website be 'mobile compatible'? If you’re a business owner or... Read more
Amazon has reported that Windows 7, which comes out tomorrow, has become the "biggest grossing pre-order product of all time in the UK," according to V3: Windows 7 has overtaken Harry Potter novels and the Nintendo Wii to become the biggest... Read more
Viral videos are one of the Internet’s best entertainment mediums. They teach, impress, and–perhaps most importantly–help you pass the time.
Companies know this. When they commission top international advertising firms to produce Internet videos, they use “going viral” as a measure of success. Marketing videos can help bolster a company’s reputation, increase sales, and [...]
kaChing, an investing website started under the name FSX in 2008, has automated the process of imitating successful investors (something Warren Buffett calls “riding coattails”). Simply select the portfolio of one of kaChing’s certified “investing geniuses,” then set your own portfolio to mimic it. kaChing’s website describes how they select geniuses:
Leveraging its “Radical [...]