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Your employees could be chasing away new customers without even realizing it. Here are three reasons potential customers may distrust you or your team members.

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Nearly two hundred years ago the founder of the Rothschild banking empire proclaimed: "Give me control over a nation's economy and I care not who writes the laws." Read on for an overview of the ways the Freemasons are said to control... Read more
When it is time to select a mailing list for your direct marketing campaign, make sure you have all the facts. Here are six things you should know.

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The Yankees won the world series last yesterday, thanks in part to Hideki Matsui's stellar performance. They also top the MLB payroll for 2009. Here's part of the list, as compiled by the AP: 1. New York Yankees $201,449,289 2. New York Mets... Read more
Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina announced that she will run for Senate in California today. The Washington Post has more: "Throughout my career I've brought people together, and I've solved problems," wrote Fiorina in an editorial in... Read more
Last month was National Cyber Security month, but we need to be on guard against cyber attacks year round. Here are some tips you can use to keep your home and business secure from cyber attacks.

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To grow money, you have to know money. And to know money, you need to study it: Its movements, who's making it (and why), who takes it away, how to keep it, and how to grow your personal stash. Unless you're a child prodigy like Warren Buffett,... Read more
Image: Wikipedia Seeking Alpha's Eli Hoffman puts yesterday's CIT bankruptcy filing--the fifth largest in US history--in context: CIT Group (CIT) filed for bankruptcy protection Sunday with broad support from its debtholders, but taxpayers... Read more
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