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10 National Bank Ltd
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01 Agrabad Branch
02 Anderkillah...
Hey there risk. Welcome back. What's shaking?
A new generation of database products and companies is beginning to emerge, and one of the more interesting examples is Swedish-based Neo Technology, the developer and vendor of the neo4j graph based database (graph in the data structure sense). The neo4j product has been in development for over 8 years, and Neo Technology are today [...]
These rising stars from Fortune's 40 under 40 list have great jobs to fill. What are they looking for and how can you impress them?
Today I read two news stories of two very rich men. One is the legendary Warren Buffett and the other Madoff's associate Jeffry Picower who was found dead in his house's swimming pool.
Buffett at 79 years...
Toronto-based BlueCat Networks, a provider of enterprise IP management solutions, has raised $11 million in its first round of institutional financing led by Menlo Park, CA-based firm Bridgescale Partners.

BlueCat caters to network administrators who face a variety of IP-related pressures like the introduction of VoIP networks, wireless devices (including RFID tags), virtualization, and the complexity IPv6 brings to company networks by offering automated solutions that simplify network processes.
Many have said the most important purpose for investing is to make money. In order to make money we face two key decisions, when to buy and when to sell. Simply put, we must buy when prices are low and sell...
Which young executives at public companies raked it in - and how much did they earn?

Startup oDesk received rave reviews at this years TechCrunch50 conference thanks to its innovative workplace platform. The startup was voted as demopit winner with the launch of a new iPhone application that allows project administrators to monitor the work stream of their team members while
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they’re on the go.

Today, oDesk's "oConomy" meter, which is the amount of money that is earned from workers on oDesk, hit $100 million. The oConomy showcases data from the work activity of 350,000+ oDesk users in over 150 countries.
Building a Social Networking Site takes much more than just a great idea to be successful. Choosing a service provider for your site or building the site from scratch is one of the most difficult decisions to...