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Nonprofits with active grants programs should be continually searching for grant opportunities. Spending 3-4 hours a week on this task is probably minimum.
That is the nature of market research. The results are often surprising and counterintuitive. What we thought was the problem turns out not to be. The research usually saves money because our marketing efforts are directed squarely at the problem and not squandered on unimportant issues.
Most experts think that nonprofits need "Directors and Officers (D & O) liability insurance.
A Swiss foundation saves children by building villages full of microentrepreneurs.
Many of us, when we first think about volunteering, think that it should be enough that we give our time. Why should we pay for the privilege of volunteering? The truth is that it is commonplace to pay your own expenses when you volunteer abroad. Those expenses include airfare, meals, and lodging.
With a recession in full swing, the CEO of Divine Chocolate has her work cut out for her.
If issues aren't identified and managed, your organization will be taken by surprise again and again and put on the defensive by the media and the public.
We all know that story-telling is crucial to getting our nonprofit messages across to the public and supporters. In Mobilizing Generation 2.0: A Practical Guide to Using Web 2.0, contributor Jonah Sachs elaborates on why story-telling is so crucial and how to do it effectively. His tips work especially well with youthful audiences but they also work with any age. Everyone responds to a story, well told.
Once you have a donation from a contributor in hand, don't neglect the follow-up steps necessary to keep that donor and cultivate more donations. You need a thank you letter and a donor disclosure letter.
501(c)(3) nonprofits must abide by many IRS rules in exchange for their considerable tax advantages. The most common rules have to do with donor disclosures.
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