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U.S. Bancorp is probably the biggest bank you've never heard of. But there are two reasons why you might want to start paying attention to it.
CIT Group Inc., one of the nation's leading funders of small and medium-sized businesses, filed for the fifth largest bankruptcy by assets in U.S. history Sunday as part of a reorganization plan that has the support of an overwhelming majority of debtholders.
The economy is growing again. So when are the jobs that go with growth going to get here?
Nine subsidiaries of FBOP Corp., a multistate holding company that included California National Bank of Los Angeles, succumbed Friday to the nationwide banking crisis, bringing to 115 the number of banks closed by regulators so far this year.
Stocks tumbled Friday, more than erasing the previous session's gains, as investors dumped a variety of shares at the end of a rough week and choppy month on Wall Street.
The Obama administration on Thursday lashed out at a prominent critic of its Cash for Clunkers program, arguing that the popular trade-in initiative helped give the auto industry and the economy a much needed boost in the past few months.
U.S. stocks looked set for a strong open Thursday, following a report that domestic product growth jumped higher than expected in the third quarter.
The Nasdaq slumped and the Dow managed a slim gain Tuesday, as investors weighed a selloff in tech, a rally in energy and a surprise drop in consumer confidence.
The Internal Revenue Service detailed plans on Monday to weed out wealthy, international tax cheats with renewed urgency.
For millions of job seekers, unemployment is a painful position they must endure until another opportunity comes along. But for some, it's the impetus to do something great. When Masoud Modarres lost his job, he saw an opportunity to make big changes.
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