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After Chinese exports shrank at a slower pace according to a report posted today, the Hungarian forint found support in optimism regarding the global economic recovery to climb versus the euro, the U.S. dollar, and several other currencies.(...)Read the rest of Hungarian Forint Up on Chinese Optimism (71 words)
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If there was any doubt to the dollar’s primary fundamental driver, the currency would forge a new 14 year low on a trade weighted basis and against its...
The South African currency witnessed a rally this week that set the rand to the highest rate versus the U.S. dollar after a decreased appeal for the U.S. currency combined with an increase in rates of metallic commodities provided support for the rand to outperform a number of currencies.(...)Read the rest of South African Rand Climbs on Metallic Commodities (153 words)
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The US Dollar set a new yearly low in overnight trading after China’s exports shrank at the slowest pace in eight months, boosting confidence in the global...
Both domestic and international economic scenario provided support for the Brazilian currency to climb against the greenback and several other majors, as revised economic growth for the South American nation came with positive figures.(...)Read the rest of Brazilian Real Climbs on Growth Forecast (71 words)
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The US Dollar held its own in overnight trading despite a rally across Asian stock exchanges that would be expected to have weighed on the safety-correlated...
The euro is putting pressure on the dollar and started another week gaining versus the greenback as speculations suggest that the U.S. dollar’s position as the main global reserve currency may be entering its final days.(...)Read the rest of Will the Euro Be World’s New Reserve Currency? (73 words)
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• Euro double top • Dollar/Yen bouncing • Cable breaks lower • Dollar/Swiss double bottom
Speculations suggesting that the world economic conditions will improve faster than previously imagined, helped stocks and commodities to rally today, consequently helping the Canadian dollar to grow versus its U.S. counterpart.(...)Read the rest of Canadian Dollar Hits Record High on Economic Outlook (64 words)
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The New Zealand dollar is not the Australian dollar. This may seem like an obvious observation; but you wouldn’t think so when comparing the price action...
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