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It is very difficult for some people to learn how to make money online. Most of them struggle, others wasting time and efforts and they fail to make some sales on the Internet. And the worst is when you lose your money that you already have when you start marketing online. And the reason for this is that you do the greatest mistake that you can possibly ever make. Nowadays there are a lot of programs, systems and home study courses that can teach you to make money online from your home. But u
It looks like September of 2009 was a pretty good month or Facebook according to Experian’s Hitwise report about social media usage. If you are a regular reader of Marketing Pilgrim you know that we report on statistics all the time and we approach them with same amount of reverence as we do skepticism. What is seen in this report though would likely be of little shock to anyone and that is that Facebook is kicking some serious social media butt.
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r />The press release for the report states
Experian® Hitwise® announced today that Facebook accounted for 58.59 percent of all U.S. visits among a custom category of 155 social networking Web sites in September 2009. The 58 percent was the highest among all social networking sites sites, as U.S. visits to Facebook increased 194 percent in September 2009 compared with September 2008. MySpace received the second-highest market share of U.S. visits for the month, with 30 percent.

Some pretty lofty numbers indeed but not a surprise. I shouldn’t be any more but I still get surprised when I see MySpace coming in second. I am guilty of paying greater attention to and giving greater weight to only the social media outlets I use. Shame on me since in marketing of any kind you need to be where the market is and not where you think it should be.
Now I am really going to step out here and admit that the third place finisher ahead of Twitter is As a result of this report I visited Tagged for the first time and they report 80 million users. I guess I am simply not part of the Tagged set or it’s just another indication of not playing with the cool kids on my part.
Now on to the demographics. While the use of Facebook has increased significantly with the 55 plus crowd there is an audible thud when looking at the 35-54 group.

So while any numbers around social media are interesting I think we are all waiting, as marketers that is, for the conversion rates of the sites. Is the less than 2 % of traffic that Twitter garners more convertible than all the Facebookers you can round up? As we move forward with the great social media experiment it’s the ones who can answer those questions that will be given the keys to the city.

Internet owes the credit of presenting world as a global village. It has brought the entire planet earth to our rooms. Gone are the days when an event in A corner of the world remained unknown to those in the Z area, when we had to perspire in long queues and take an off from the days work to get our bills deposited, when long distance calls were the only mode to communicate with those dwelling thousands of miles away, when exams would not just commence without the invigilators around and busine
I remember once hearing someone say, “you are your business card”. Essentially, the idea is that the way you present yourself in public defines who you are–more than any piece of paper ever can. I think this is extremely true today, now more than ever. Think about it this way, if you
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are always there to help others, provide good ideas and contribute to the dialog in a positive way, then you become the guy/girl that helps others, provides good ideas and contributes to the dialog in a positive way. In the same tone, if you are obnoxious and annoying then you are the obnoxious and annoying guy/girl. Or if you dress in a creepy unicorn costume, then you might be that creepy guy that dresses in a unicorn costume. We define ourselves through our actions.
When I worked in IT, I was in an office setting 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Because of this I wore collared shirts with buttons down the front, kept my face regularly shaved and stayed away from politics and religion at the water cooler. Now that I own my own business I feel like I haven’t seen a button in years and can’t even remember what a collar looks like!
With Social Media we can present ourselves in public while in the privacy of our living room. Which means that it is very easy to drop all the formalities associated with good manners and proper etiquette and do what ever the hell we want. This is a truly powerful advantage that we have over those just a few years ago. But it can have dangerous consequences if we are not careful.
Now don’t get me wrong, I know what some of you are thinking. Social media is all about self expression, and being someone you’re not isn’t sincere and genuine. What I am talking about is not doing things that go against who you are, but in fact staying completely true to yourself at all times. The problem is we all do things out of character now and then and, with social media these things are recorded for the whole world to reference later.
How To be Yourself in Social Media

  1. Don’t read stupid bullet points about how to be your self, write your own.

  2. Don’t be witty, unless of course you already are witty, in which case: carry on.

  3. Don’t look for exposure by doing something uncharacteristic.

  4. Don’t follow the leader and hang out with the cool kids.

  5. Talk about what you enjoy and makes you happy.

  6. Quit trying to be something and just be you.

If you were working all the time, or without a work, you probably were thinking about starting a home based business, and start getting money right away.
Getting The Best Bang For Your Buck With Google by Perry LawsonIn today’s world of internet everybody is aware of Google, the world’s best and most reliable search engine and not to forget one of the biggest search engines too. Google permits the different website owners to advertise on its search results by which they could gain most of its revenue or income. The website owners are promoted and offered to gain a share its advertising income by displaying their advertisements on their s
If you’re one of those people that won’t set up any online reputation monitoring because “you don’t have anything to monitor,” I have a wake-up call for you.
Over at Trackur, we just put together a free list of 30 reputations everyone should be monitoring online.
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Thirty! Three, zero! 30!
Honestly, whether you use Trackur or not–which you should by the way–you should have something in place to keep an eye on these 30 reputations.
Download the PDF here.

October 8, 2009 | By Harry Constantine In Internet Marketing | by Harry ConstantinePLR article has become very popular recently, many people see them as an simple way to make an avalanche of money online. A lot of people find it hard to create their own, unique articles, but there are a million ways of getting the articles they require.There are many people offering Private Label Rights (PLR) articles but far too often people buy them but never actually use them. Having a good range of
Traditionally, PDF’s and search engines have not gotten along as well as most would like. While being indexed is not the problem it once was there have been difficulties in the rendering of those PDF’s from the SERP’s (search engine results pages).
Google today has moved closer to true harmony between the PDF and engine environment by introducing the Quick View link that is now applied to an increasing percentage of the PDF’s now indexed by
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Google. The official Google blog tells us

Today, we’ve added new links to “Quick View” PDFs in your browser with the formatting intact. The new links are based on the same technology that’s available in Google Docs and Gmail, as well as to webmasters through the Google Docs viewer. We’ve been rolling this technology out to the search results page since July, and as of today we’ve added “Quick View” links to more than 50% of the PDFs in our index. The new links appear at the end of the second line of the result, right underneath the title.

As a result you can now view the PDF in the browser while keeping all the formatting in tact. No longer is there a need to download the PDF to get all of the formatting or viewing the PDF in HTML which sacrificed all of the formatting for the most part.
This is pretty cool and a good move toward making some of the barriers that have existed between certain techniques and the search engines (can you say Flash?) less of an issue. Isn’t it nice to have less issues?

An affiliate website is defined as a website that sells others products or information for profit. This is one of the best types of investment sites simply because you do not have to product any of the products, just the website to market them.Here are a few ways that you will maximize your profits from your affiliate website.1) Join affiliate programs that offer high commissions. Each affiliate program is different, especially when it comes to the amount of money is paid for each referral. If
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