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These funds are outpacing the broad market. But should investors jump in?

Optimism abounds for greater gains ahead in Chinese hog producer and feed company AgFeed Industries.
What will happen to interest rates when the government stops intervening?

Global thinking key to success at home and abroad.
Brazil, gold and oil are just a few of the beneficiaries of a weaker dollar, not to mention U.S. stocks.
MiFi, which can create a hot spot almost anywhere, looks like a hit for Novatel.

Shares of the makeup company are looking pretty after vaulting higher on the heels of great quarterly results.
The economic outlook stinks. But don't go into hibernation. Find relatively safe all-weather dividend payers.
Oct. 29, 1929, sparked the Great Depression. What they were trading.

Investors' obsession with price earnings multiples is misguided. Here's why.
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