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Rising consumer sentiment and falling inventories pushed copper up from one-month lows.
Two economists offer different views as small business owners say capital is scarce.
Barclays Capital team says there's room for upside in U.S. equities, but only until the Fed's easy money runs out.
Austria goes off the "grey" list, as the G-20 led crackdown proves successful.
The Chinese automaker plans to use the money to increase capacity and fund acquisitions.
A Barclay's quant strategist says the bulls still hold sway after the summer rally.
More companies are struggling with their debts. But some defaults are better than others.
The British bank has failed in its attempt to completely exit the asset protection scheme but can it convince the government to allow it to reduce its participation?
The two arch-rivals might be playing soccer together on Monday for the first time, but that's as far as the two companies would go.
These days the bond market's starting to look like a flea market.
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