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Now, the question on some investors' minds is how low will the dollar go? On Friday, Oct.
When the Dow crossed 10,000 about a year ago on its precipitous slide, stock-fund managers shuddered. Now the Dow has reached five figures again, and fund managers are more upbeat than they’ve been in years. Is that a chill in the air?

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The third quarter saw a strong comeback period for open-ended mutual funds, and a stellar one for exchange-traded funds, according to Morningstar, which released its third-quarter tallies yesterday.
The likelihood of a double-dip recession, in the minds of most investors, has faded, and that optimism toward the global economy is filtering through to an upbeat view on corporate profits, according to the latest survey of fund managers conducted by Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

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While the third quarter proved to be a big comeback month for inflows into open-ended mutual funds overall, one mutual fund behemoth continued to bleed assets, according to a report today from Morningstar Inc.
After being shell-shocked by nearly two years of brutal losses, investors are finally emerging from their T-bill and CD foxholes, looking for bigger returns. And high up on their wish list are emerging-stock funds.
Gold's image may be changing as its price settles in above $1,000 an ounce and continues to set records.
One of the newest exchange-traded funds is a commodity-themed offering that is geared to sidestep some of the problems facing futures-based ETFs by investing in stocks.

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" China's foreign exchange regulator said it had raised the limits on securities investment by foreign institutions to one billion dollars from 800 million dollars starting Monday.
When it comes to mutual fund paperwork, less seems to be more.

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