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Today I’m delighted to announce the launch of a new product that we’ve been working on for months now, namely the News service.
As I’ve been saying for years now, fresh quality content is the most important factor you need to help your website climb the search engines. I’ve seen it happen hundreds of times, add unique content to your site on a regular basis and your search engine rankings will improve.
The Content Now tai
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lored news product is one that we’re aiming at sites that are looking for fresh daily (or less frequent) content but don’t have the resources to produce it themselves.
Launched in response to client and partner requirements, the Content Now News service delivers news that is:-
* Unique - researched and written specifically for you and no-one else.
* Relevant to your site’s focus.
* Grammatically and syntactically correct.
* Keyword balanced (contains an appropriate keyword density / number of occurrences of your target search terms without being over-optimised which could risk a search engine penalty or render the content unreadable).
* Formatted according to your requirements (we can deliver the content to you with some basic HTML formatting based upon your specific requirements or simply as plain text if you prefer).
* Cost effectively produced (because we do this day in day out, there are significant economies of scale in terms of training, management and in-depth understanding of search engine optimisation and content optimisation).
* Permanently yours (some other news providers will retain the copyright to the content they produce and will require its removal if you cease to be a client).
* Delivered how and when you want it (delivery options include email, RSS / XML and automated Content Management Systems).
Like all of our content, the news items are written by humans, here in the UK. Everything we write is unique, tailored to you and will only be used for your site, nothing is syndicated or reproduced anywhere else.
If anybody would like to discuss this in further detail then please feel free to contact me via
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Post from Kieron's Blog launches News service
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Regular readers will know that I’m a big fan of Spotify, from when I first reviewed it in October last year right up until I reviewed the iPhone App a few weeks back. Since the iPhone and Google Android apps were released yesterday there has been some debate about the whole premium subscription model. I was chatting with a few people on Twitter about it this morning and decided to put down my thoughts
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and opinion in a blog post.
Before I start, for anybody who doesn’t know, the Spotify mobile apps will only work if you have a Spotify premium account which costs £9.99 per month. The main benefits of a premium account are that you don’t get any ads and of course you can use the Spotify mobile app.
The big benefit of the mobile app itself is it’s offline mode. This allows you to sync up to 3,333 tracks on your mobile device and listen to them when there is no wi-fo or 3G connection.
So why should I pay £9.99 per month to “rent” music that I’ll never own?
Well you pay a similar amount to rent DVD’s from LoveFilm etc don’t you? Frostie argued that people mainly rent DVD’s so they can watch them before they come on TV. Fair point but I also rent them so I don’t have to watch them on TV. I.e. no ad breaks, better quality (esp Blu Ray) and I can watch at my convenience. Don’t forget that Spotify also have premium music content such as albums available before they hit the shops and especially recorded sessions from artists. So why do people accept the DVD rental sector as a model but not music subscription? Possibly because it’s early days and Spotify are arguably the first and certainly most successful company to launch a real viable music subscription service.
The other argument could well be that Spotify was launched as essentially a free product and the shift from free to paid is just a bit too difficult for users to come to terms with. A few of the “customer reviews” - and I use that term loosely in the App store would suggest this is the case:
I’m not paying to rent music. App deleted.
Great idea but cost really puts me off
Rubbish that you need a premium account
And so on.
A fair few of the comments have been along the lines of “why not have the same model as the desktop app? I.e. a free version with ads and a premium version without the ads”. Now while I think this is a good idea in concept, in reality I think it would be almost impossible to run Spotify as a wholly ad-funded business. Let’s not forget that as well as the massive costs of running a streaming music service in numerous countries (I’m no expert here but Spotify’s server bills for streaming must run into millions monthly) there will also be huge R&D costs, staffing, marketing etc etc. Then there’s the royalties that Spotify have to pay to the record labels and artists. As a legal service they have to pay out every single time a track is played on Spotify. Once again, that’s a lot of money. So in my mind, I think it’s impossible to support such huge costs by advertising alone, they need the premium model.
Spotify versus radio
Another popular argument is why pay to “rent” music when you can have radio? Well I don’t think you can compare the two if I’m honest. With radio you either get ads or annoying DJ’s talking over songs. More importantly, you can’t choose the music you want to listen to, you’re stuck with the DJ’s choices. Sound quality is an issue too, and if you don’t have an internet connection or a radio signal then you can’t listen at all.
Why I’m happy to “rent” music from Spotify
Perhaps I’m old school but if I really like music then I go out and but it on CD to keep forever. I’ve never downloaded MP3’s either legally or illegally as I have never seen the point. I know that next time I change PC I’ll just lose them all and I’ve never been one to burn them onto a CD either, too much of a faff. It’s either the proper CD from the record shop or nothing for me.
However, I don’t buy all the music that I like. There’s a ton of music out there that I like, but just not enough to buy. Maybe it’s just 1 or 2 tracks from an album, or a remix of a particular track that I’ve found on Spotify. There are even a lot of tracks on Spotify that you can’t physically buy on CD any more, such as out of print CD singles etc. Maybe I have a short attention span but there’s been very few artists that I’ve come across lately that I’ve had the patience to listen to a whole album of their material. Which is why I create and listen to a lot of playlists. Right now for example, thanks to my site (had to get that in didn’t I?) I’m discovering loads of tracks in the electro genre.  This has been a real education for me as I’ve discovered tons and tons of new music, all of which I’ve put into a kick-ass electro playlist (coming soon to, watch this space folks). Some of the tracks are so good that I’ve actually ordered the “real” versions on CD. However I’m very happy to have the rest of them sitting in my Spotify playlists, ready to play whenever I want. Let’s not forget that as long as I hold a free Spotify account I’ll have access to these songs on demand. They’re not going anywhere.
I understand that there will be a lot of people who simply won’t pay £9.99 a month to access music that they can’t own. If you don’t have the need for portable music then that’s fair enough. But to my mind there’s no viable alternative that has the features of Spotify or the depth of music available. I have the iPhone app and it rocks.
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Spotify iPhone App - Worth £9.99 a month? Hell yes!