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One in three working people could meet their financial commitments for less than a month if they were made redundant tomorrow, according to a new study.
Federal Reserve discussing new regulations to allow them to veto bonuses even at banks that have repaid bailout cash The Federal Reserve is contemplating new rules that would give the US central bank the power to veto banks' compensation plans even if the companies have repaid their Government bailout.
Pension investors, many of whom saw their fund lose more than a third of its value in the recent downturn, risk missing out on the recovery in stock markets as their portfolios are now heavily skewed towards cash.
U.S. stocks continued to make ground Friday, heading for another weekly advance.
Cash savers continue to be offered returns of 5 per cent, in spite of the base rate remaining at its 0.5 per cent low for the past six months
Citigroup Chief Executive Vikram Pandit said on Thursday that $100 million is too much for an employee to earn given the bank's circumstances.
What's the deal? A "no fees" currency transfer service aimed at Britons who have holiday homes overseas or who want their pension paid abroad
Canada's big banks were basking Wednesday in the afterglow of a strong third-quarter performance that came amid a worldwide financial crisis in which scores of other financial institutions around the world crashed and burned.
Building society mergers are "inevitable" as mutual lenders struggle in the downturn, but members are set to be denied windfalls
Citigroup's senior managers are working on a proposal that would allow the US Treasury to sell some of its 34pc equity stake in the bank, reducing its grip on the banking conglomerate and repaying some of the money owed to US taxpayers.
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