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After criticizing finance company CIT’s reorganization as an attempt to purchase votes, Carl Icahn is offering $6bn of his own money as a replacement loan. Bloomberg has more:

Investor Carl Icahn offered to provide a $6 billion loan to CIT Group Inc., saying the terms of the 101-year-old commercial lender’s plan to raise the same amount [...]
Wal-Mart announced yesterday that it would begin selling no-contract cellphone plans. The Street has the details:
Straight Talk, which is a partnership with TracFone, a unit of America Movil(AMX Quote), will offer two plans for either $30 or $45 a month and will be available at more than 3,200 Wal-Mart locations starting on Oct. 18.
According [...]
Business Pundit is celebrating Blog Action Day 2009 by offering businesspeople strategies for going green. The topic this year is climate change. We’ve listed five strategies companies can use to go green, both to preserve planetary health and tend to the bottom line.
We emphasize value-added activities that will increase perception of your company and [...]
Who said PC was dead?
Any guesses where this photo was taken?
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October 16 is National Boss’s Day, the day employees thank their bosses for their contributions to the workforce. To honor the day, we’ve created a list of five characteristics good bosses share. Where does yours fit in?
1. Flexibility. Bosses, from middle managers to C-level executives, face changes during the course of their jobs. [...]
Finland has become the first country in the world to guarantee its citizens access to broadband. TechCrunch has more:

Starting July 2010, every person in Finland will have the right to a one-megabit broadband connection as an intermediate step, says the Ministry of Transport and Communications. By the end of 2015, the legal right will be [...]
Gibbs Technologies brings you one step closer to living like James Bond. That’s not their tag line–they promote themselves more discreetly than that. But when you tear up the highway in your sports car, drive it into the water, flick a switch, and glide down a river, perhaps stopping to wave at passing gawkers, you [...]
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Oliver Williamson and Elinor Ostrom both won this year’s Nobel Peace Prizes in Economic Science. The New York Times has more on the research that won the professors their honors:
Mr. Williamson’s work focuses on the boundaries of the firm, and the reasons for economic activity inside of firms: Why is there so [...]