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Thank you letters to donors not only seal the deal, but also cultivate donors for future donations.
Thank you letters to your donors conclude one transaction but, more importantly, they are a bridge to future support.
Grant proposals are a part of any fundraiser's portfolio. Although grants can be from a variety of sources (such as a foundation or a government entity), most require the same basic information in the grant proposal.
As bad as this economic downturn has been for nonprofits, those who survive will have learned lessons that will prove invaluable later, whether times are good or times are bad.
An organization that is exempt from federal income tax, as described in Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3), is required to report changes to its bylaws.
PayPalrecently teamed up with BlackBaud to offer, a point-and-click website builder with secure donation processing and the ability to send emails and record donors’ giving histories.
Email, or online, fundraising is coming of age. In a world of instant news, email is now the medium to raise funds around the globe and almost instantly.
Mobile giving, the act of donating to a cause through one’s cell phone, is the newest thing in philanthropy. Learn what it is and how you can make it work for your nonprofit.
There are a number of options for nonprofits when selecting a credit card processor to accept gifts from donors who want to use a credit card, either directly or through the Internet.
So, what are social media? The characteristic that most applies to social media is the ability to "upload." That is, individuals (formerly the audience) are now providing content by uploading information for all to see.