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Trading with foreign currencies, better known as Foreign exchange trading is regarded to be one of the most promising investing option. It is not very difficult to learn forex trading, and the skills of trading with foreign currencies can be acquired by everyone. However, the fact is that over 9/10th of people trading currencies lose their fortune. So, how complicated is it to actually achieve currency trading success? Experts say, if certain rules and advices are adopted, it is possible for any
Regulatory News: Sales excluding VAT for the H&M; Group for the first six months of the financial year amounted to SEK 49,837 m , an increase of 21 percent .In local currencies, the increase was 6 percent .In comparable units, sales decreased by 3 ...
June 28, 2009 | By Peter Blake In Online Business | by Peter BlakeWhen small companies create an investment portfolio, it is quite degrading to see that they dont invest in gold, and we have too many persuasive reasons for stressing on gold as an effective investment vehicle. Small companies are now considering gold as the prudent resource to rely on. Almost every country including India and others are investing on gold through ornaments. This is definitely a wealthy investment.Although
Market fundamentalists (otherwise known as financial authorities and institutions) believe in a tendency toward equilibrium. However, says Soros’ column in Thursday’s FT, this belief in the market’s supposedly random deviations from equilibrium and it’s ability to self correct is basically false. It is the boom-bust sequence that characterises the market. Soros notes that regulation is not [...]
by Bangang Nkouppitt Investors can trade foreign currencies in three ways - through spot markets, forwards markets, and futures markets. In spot markets, currencies are bought and sold according to their current rates. Current rates change with supply and demand that depend on current interest rates, reactions to ongoing political conditions, economic performance, assessments on the future performance of one currency against another, and a lot of other factors. If you would like to learn mor
by Bangang Nkouppitt Forex trading systems make it easy for investors to monitor outside market factors and indicators of the daily nature of the market, especially with the use of charts, graphs, and report tables. There are many different forex trading systems online, from the simplest to the most comprehensive, from the smallest to the largest. It is also important that a forex trading system is profitable. There is no point in engaging in forex trading if you are not gaining prof
This week’s video-o-rama comes to you a day late as I make my away from Cape Town to Europe. Notwithstanding terribly slow broadband at South African airports, I have managed to compile an interesting potpourri of clips. Topics ranged from another round of discussions about the proposed regulatory reform to Fed chairman Ben Bernanke facing a grilling on Capital Hill over the Bank of America-Merrill Lynch deal to the usual dose of debate on the outlook for the economy and financial markets.
I often quote Richard Russell, the 85-year-old writer of the Dow Theory Letters , in my blog posts. Although I may not necessarily always agree with his views, they are always stimulating and important to consider when piecing together the financial puzzle. His article on competitive devaluations and the implications for fiat currencies and gold bullion makes for particularly interesting reading and the paragraphs below have been excerpted from it. “Every nation wants to export. The obsession
  Whew, finally summer has arrived and we survived the horrendous winter weather.  Folks in NJ got a big surprise last week with a huge hailstorm wrecking  havoc  -again illustrating the disproportion between science and reality. BTW- The House passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act, by a vote of 219-212 . The kids are off school and we are sleeping in a bit and planning for a few summer holidays.  We are  not leavin
Canada's currency weakened to the lowest level since May 19 as stocks fell, making it the worst performer against the U.S. dollar this month among the 16 most- active currencies tracked by Bloomberg. The Canadian dollar is a dog with fleas, said Ste ...