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Initial public offerings are back in a big way, and dominated by emerging markets like never before. For U.S. investors, it’s worth paying attention to what these markets are offering, though outright buying of new companies is a tricky proposition.

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An overlooked part of Wells Fargo’s deal to buy Wachovia late last year was the merger of two of the largest firms in the mutual-fund industry. But it may not stay overlooked much longer.

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As mentioned in passing in today's column on Vanguard's first Canadian investment forum, the Investment Funds Institute of Canada is ramping up its campaign against the planned introduction of the Harmonized Sales Tax in Ontario and British Columbia.
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A MarketWatch article published Oct. 8 incorrectly described the firm as having the second-best selling mutual-fund family in the industry through July. Wells Fargo’s fund family was actually No. 2 for growth among financial intermediaries through July.

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Some people believe that unscrupulous means are sometimes necessary for making gains in a portfolio.
While it's been established that most actively-managed mutual funds lag their indexes over time, a new study further twists the knife: Active management suffers even more by comparison on a risk-adjusted basis.

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As a nation founded by pioneers and immigrants, Americans are anything but a sedentary people.
More and more individual investors are buying exchange-traded funds, which trade like individual stocks. And as they do so, they are looking for advice about these newer vehicles.With ETFs, as with virtually any other topic, many people are turning to the Web.

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