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Commonwealth Foundation President and CEO Matthew Brouillette released the following statement in response to today's announced budget deal between leaders of the Senate and the House Democrat caucus: "Legislative leaders in both parties are to be commended for rejecting the worst elements of Gov. Rendell's agenda, including tax increases on personal income and natural gas. This budget deal, however, erects another rickety bridge to Pennsylvania's future. It raises taxes on workers and job creat
As some might know, I and others have been something of a spat with members of the Oxford Centre for Business Taxation at the Said Business School at Oxford University. Clemens Fuest, deputy director that Centre replied on the TJN blog , saying: We would like to respond to the two preceding entries in this blog because we disagree with the arguments put forward and we think that it is easy to see why these arguments are wrong. The main issue seems to be whether it makes sense to tak
A $9 trillion federal deficit over 10 years may be too hard to comprehend. But this part is easy: Such unwieldy amounts of debt could have an impact on Americans' bottom line one way or the other -- if not tomorrow, then the day after.
Unprecedented pressure from Burmese government on Mon party to restructure its armed wing Thu 10 Sep 2009, IMNA, Arkar, Weng Mon After rejecting the Burmese government’s effort to restructure its armed wing into a border guard force, the largest Mon political party has come under unprecedented pressure from the Burmese government to accept the offer. On August 28th, the largest Mon political group, the New Mon State Party, rejected, for a second time, a request by the Burmese military gover
As we survey the despotism of the world around us, we can admire our founding fathers – and celebrate their achievement – all the more. Think of Iraq under Saddam Hussein; or think of Iran under the Ayatollah and the mullahs.  And then look around and see all the millions, even billions of peoples, under some form of tyranny and totalitarian rule.  It was not the Iraqi people, but the people of the United States of America, who threw down Saddam Hussein and instituted a democracy in place of t
A number of eminent scientists, economists and writers variously argue strongly FOR a global Carbon Tax that will directly put a price on greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution and enable urgently required rapid transformation to a non-carbon economy. They variously argue AGAINST carbon pricing based on a Kyoto Protocol-based Cap-and Trade Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) of which the pro-coal Australian Government’s carbon pollution-increasing and misleadingly named Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme
The licence fee could go, admits BBC boss: Cost of watching TV might be put on council tax bill By Paul Revoir Last updated at 2:02 AM on 05th July 2009   Comments ( 30 ) Add to My Stories   Admission: Mark Thompson suggested the licence fee could become obsolete The BBC’s director general has conceded the licence fee could be scrapped and replaced with funding via council or income taxes – or even a levy on electricity bills. Mark Thompson’s comments have been taken
by Anne Durrell Find answers to any questions you have about IRS has become easier than ever. Not only are multiple versions and multiple IRS questions available on their own website, but it is also possible to find the answers you need on other Web sites owned by tax professionals as well. IRS Questions page is very comprehensive and if you cannot find the answers to the questions you need, then their very easy search tool at the top of the page will help you find the right category. If
What could be more appropriate for the Saturday Guitar on the 4th of July than Chet Atkins playing The Stars and Stripes Forever? Yannow, I think liberals must really hate the 4th of July. I mean that's when Americans really feel great about being Americans and just how great this country is and, as you know, liberals think that all the problems in the world are caused by America. This is when we Americans are proud of our military and we all know how much liberals hate the military which in
Why should Democrat, Steve Driehaus, from Ohio’s 1st District, care about the average person, after all, he makes $174,000 and gets a COLA (cost of living allowance), automatically, every year than helps to defray inflation—say like the coming spike in energy prices if cap and trade is passed by the Senate. I’m going to ask a question of all you hard core Democrats out there, isn’t the Democratic Party supposed to be the party of the “little man”, of the “working man?”  Now hold that answer
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