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by Adrienne Johnson Well, it is the death of network marketing as we know it. No longer calling our friends and family, no more silly parties or door to door sales. It is now the time of the online network marketer. It is amazing how innovative the internet has made us. We are able correspond with people all around the world, people who want to get to know us, look at our blogs, read our articles. In any other career, could you build your business without leaving your home? Marketing onlin
Eighteen months ago, I was putting the finishing touches on my book, Making Mediation Your Day Job , and posting here some of the ideas in it for feedback. One of those ideas was the value of tapping your strengths when marketing. Today I received an email from Jackie, who told me, “ I can’t stand marketing and I think it’s going to mean the death knell for my fledgling ADR practice. My local business networking group told me I’ve got to learn cold calling, schmoozing and all sorts of other a
One of the best parts of flying is that it gives me an opportunity to catch up on the big stack of books that I have.  This past week while traveling to SXSW I was able to read a few great books.  I’d definitely recommend any one of these books and hope you enjoy! LinkedWorking, by Frank Agin and Lewis Howes This is a small book so it doesn’t take long to read through yet it packs a punch for those wondering how to fully utilize LinkedIn .  Besides describing how to use LinkedIn properl
by John Wallen I walked in the door after breakfast, ready to get going on my networking chores. And the very first message on my machine was from the same guy as last week. He’s telling me in a recording how I don’t have to struggle through this economy, and I could easily make a thousand each day on the internet, and get started right this minute. The number is left so I can call for all the details, and it’s the same recorded message each time. He buys thousands of phone leads, and runs t
With the rise and blossoming of online networking sites like LinkedIn and ClaimID, many people, especially younger people, are doing the majority of their business networking online. This phenomenon is not anything new, and it has been covered in this blog and elsewhere. But while it may be easier to sit in front of the computer screen and interact [...]
Today marks the 2 week countdown until IM Spring Break , the search marketing mini-con in South Florida which will feature some of the brightest and most talented speakers in search marketing, along with keynotes by Neil Patel, Rae Hoffman (SugarRae), and Chris Winfield. IM Spring Break is 3 days of sunny, Florida, spring break style fun and learning which will be held at the Deerfield Beach Hilton, about 5 minutes from the warm beaches of Florida. Think of IM Spring Break of a mix of 3 i
Some people still do not know the difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web, and think the terms are interchangeable. They are not. The Internet was around long before AOL flooded the world with branded floppies and CDs containing their software. It goes as far back as the 1960s when the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense in charge of developing new technology for the military, ventured into the new realm of computer networ