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So, a nice big parcel arrived the other day, great I like surprises. Turns out it was 2 bottles of wine from Neil Sampson at DC Storm asking if I wouldn’t mind writing a bit about the new service for webmasters, especially affiliates. OK I can see how this would be of use to my readers, but the problem is that DC Storm is an integrated web analytics and PPC optimisation piece of software and I’m possibly the least analytical person in the world. The most sophisticated ppc tracking/optimisation software package I use is my
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“gut feel” combined with an excel spreadsheet, and even then I only get Excel out if I’m in the mood, which isn’t often. I’m not saying my way is the right way, it’s just that I don’t have the patience to analyise, I really don’t. Yes I’m sure I could do better if I did but what can I say? It’s just not for me.
So, I asked around and some people I know who do analyise/optimise, and do it well, and they rate DC Storm and Neil. Good enough for me, hence this blog post.
It turns out that Neil has been involved in Affiliate Marketing for roughly as long as me, 10 years or so. He worked at DGM first then left to become an affiliate and diversify into other projects. Oh, and he’s from the North East too so obviously a good pedigree.
So what does DC Storm do?
No idea, but here’s some of the press stuff:
Key Features
• Automatic end to end tracking between search engine and affiliate network.
• Optimise your PPC campaigns easily against your key performance indicators. Storm for Affiliates™ has been designed with accuracy of data and flexibility of features in mind. We provide tools for experts to use, not a black box solution.
• Harvest the long tail keywords that your users type in to find you, reducing your overall cost per click.
• Analyse your Google quality score over time to see the effects of your landing page and ad copy changes.
• Report on custom measures by using your own formulae and calculations
• Automate and schedule tasks including PPC optimisation and exporting useful reports
Proven Success
A handful of large affiliate have been trialling Storm for Affiliates pre-release and they all rate the product very highly. One affiliate managed to increase their ROI by over 60% within 2 months of optimising with DC Storm. This truly is a revolution for affiliates and will undoubtedly save hours of time in manipulating data that can be better spent on doing the important stuff like making money. Storm for Affiliates hopes to end the days of affiliate best-guess marketing.
So there you are, I do know some people who I respect who use this and they really rate it. So head on over now and let me know what you think.
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P.S. I really do appreciate it when companies send me gifts, however I have to be honest here and say that I don’t actually drink wine. I’ve actually got over 50 bottles in my garage that have been kindly “donated” over the years. Don’t worry it does get drank by guest etc. but I’m fast running out of room in there. So if you’re feeling like sending me something in future then chocolate, mobile phones, gadgets of any type or something a little different would be gratefully received
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Introducing DC Storm

We’ve teamed up with UK Tickets to give away this fantastic prize for readers of my blog. Here’s what you can win:
1 x pair of tickets to see Beyonce play live on Monday 16th November 2009 from VIP seats at the fantastic O2 arena London, with access to the VIP bar
1 night’s accommodation at the 5 star Sheraton Park Lane hotel to see the night out in style
UK Tickets are new to the world of affiliate marketing and are offering this fantastic prize to help get the word out about their new
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ttp://" target="_blank">affiliate programme, launched on Webgains where affiliates can earn 7.5% commission.
How to enter:
Simply paste a UK Tickets text link or banner on your blog/site between now and the 8th November 2009 to be in with a chance of winning. Yes, it’s that simple. Once you have put your link up email with the URL of where the banner/link is placed and you will be entered into the competition.
Please note that the prize is non-transferable.
Good luck and thanks again to UK Tickets for offering up such a fantastic prize for my readers. The guys are very keen to work with all affiliates so please feel free to email Rachel with any queries about the programme. Sign up to the programme here.
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Win VIP Beyonce tickets and 5 Star hotel accommodation
On day 1 of the a4u Expo myself, Dixon Jones, Jamie Harwood, Chris Garrett and Duncan Jennings will be participating in the “Affiliate Doctors Live” panel. This is where anybody can submit their sites for advice on issues within affiliate marketing, start-up strategy, conversion, blogging
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and SEO. It’s a great opportunity for a free consulation from some sector experts.
We’ll be taking questions and site reviews from the audience live on the day but in order to guarantee your slot we would also like to have some prepared in advance. So if you have a site, old or new and are looking for some tips on how you can improve it then please either email me via the contact form or leave a comment below. We’ll then pick as many as we can to discuss on the day.
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Affiliate Doctors Live at the a4u Expo - submit your site
One of the worst things you can do, as an affiliate marketing newbie is to sit on your laurels waiting for success to come to you. You may be new to the business, but you can work to become a shining success. Sure, there are affiliate marketing newbies who merely dabble in the affiliate market for years who do not become successful; there are also newbies that reach their success as soon as they begin. Most affiliate marketing newbies fall somewhere in the middle of these two developments. When
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Hi readers, Today I have a free  Aweber autoresponder video tutorial. Click here to watch the videos! You see, Aweber is the undisputed, most powerful auto responder available to serious marketers. Yet most who pay their monthly fee for this service either let their account sit and collect “Virtual Dust” (thinking that some day it will magically spring into action and build a massive list for them) or they use only the very basic services and never take full advantage of this si
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