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Kodachrome, the film invented in 1935 by Kodak, will retire this year. The LA Times has more:
Eastman Kodak Co., the photography pioneer whose Kodachrome film inspired Paul Simon’s 1973 hit of the same name, said it will retire the 74-year-old product this year after sales dwindled and most labs stopped processing it.
Revenue from [...]
I’ve been working through the process of moving a couple of websites from free hosted services and generic themes to their own URLs with custom themes. Doing so has made me look at every website I visit from a new perspective. Did I really have to spend all that money for custom web design?
Remember when PowerPoint [...]
Supersized bunnies, tiny cows, and frozen goats–they’re not just for children’s books anymore.
Breeders around the world covet certain animals for their economic potential. Some produce a lot of meat. Some are iridescent. Others fit well into small spaces.
Nevertheless, all of the animals featured below have two things in common. One, they have highly [...]
AIG Financial Products VP Jake DeSantis sent his open resignation letter to the New York Times, which published it last night. Here’s the first part:
DEAR Mr. Liddy,
It is with deep regret that I submit my notice of resignation from A.I.G. Financial Products. I hope you take the time to read this entire letter. Before describing [...]

The misery index is a way of measuring a nation's average misery from a financial standpoint. It takes two main components that contribute to misery, along with a few minor factors, and creates an average number to show how miserable citizens... Read more

Yesterday, I met three strangers for lunch. It was part of my local Chamber of Commerce’s “Connect 4 Lunch” program, which sets up four small business owners in non-competing industries for networking lunches. The idea is to meet people you otherwise wouldn’t run across, share tips, and send referrals.
I ended up with a lawyer, [...]