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WE THE PEOPLE, will have to stay diligent in stopping Congress from passing legislation that is Unconstitutional and Unacceptable to the people.   Because the BALANCE OF POWER is skewed, there is very little CHECKS AND BALANCES. The Democrats appear to be greedy for power, they appear to believe that the American people all 350 Million of us are too stupid to handle our own decisions and want the long arm of Government to reach into your homes and take over your decision making, your personal
You can make money betting on basketball even if you don't love the game. However, it helps if you have a basketball aficionado feeding you information about the teams. After all, the more you know, the more informed your choices will be when you place your bets. That's why you need NBA expert picks for long-term profitability.
One can only hope that as the light shines on this group, the corruption will be fully revealed. Obama heads for the high grass. Only one of the five television networks that interviewed Obama for their Sunday shows bothered to ask him about Acorn, the left-wing community organizing group whose federal funding was cut off last week by an overwhelming vote in Congress. This article will show a few things, First:  The Media is not doing their job.  There are a few in th
Under the pressure of demonstration and with the demand of rapid movement of legalization, the Governor of Minnesota, Mark Dayton, signed a bill on Friday, May 6, 2012 to expand the poker rooms at the two thoroughbred horse tracks in the state. Last Saturday, the bill, House File 2795 was passed at the Minnesota Senate through by a 44-18 vote, whereas the House pushed it through by a 97-34 margin.
Since sportsbook betting was first created there have been those that have tried to take advantage of it by creating systems that they believe will make them a guaranteed profit. The internet has provided the opportunity for people to upload 'Free Betting Systems' for others to use to make money, but are these systems actually any good? And if they are so good why are they published by people? Why aren't they so rich that they don't have to bother with such marketing? This article will look at these systems and try and explain why so many exist today.
WASHINGTON – Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) today cosponsored the Enumerate Powers Act, a bill (S.1319) by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) that would require each “Act of Congress [to] contain a concise explanation of the specific constitutional authority relied upon” for its enactment. In remarks entered into the Congressional Record, Hatch signaled his strong support for the Constitution helping shape Congress’ legislative activity. “Today, the prevailing view seems to be that Congress can do a
Are you a basketball fan, or more of a football kind of guy? You don't need to be an NBA fan to gamble on the games and come out a winner. But it does help to have "professional" NBA fans in your corner.
Every girl wants to have a blast at her hen’s night along with her hens. If you desire an outrageous excitement and unlimited fun, you should pack your stuff and get yourself going towards the most exciting and ever pleasurable core of the world and the capital of Ireland; Dublin. Dublin is seen as the friendliest city of Europe. It is considered to be a perfect place for a bride-to-be’s Hen’s night. It contains all the fanaticism and excitement she would be looking for. The heart of Ireland,
by Craig State Today I am going to speak about a website that gives away a free roulette system. The website is called money cheat. The maker claims that you can make 120 per hour by exploiting a flaw in some of the worlds biggest websites. The maker of this system has put picture on his website of a luxury resort, a big house and even a Bugatti Veyron. However I hate to shatter your dreams but you will not be getting any of those things with this roulette system because it is a scam, heres
1996-2009 I first saw this show in 1996 in the middle of the desert and wondered who these people were. Over the years I’ve acquired many fond memories of Chicken John’s shows and manage to participate in a few myself. This is the 17th Lost Vegas show at CellSpace and I can guarantee you will have fun! We make boats out of junk and have amazing adventures. Lost Vegas this year is a benifit to send junk boats to the Bienalle in Venice, Italy. Lost Vegas is a dysfunction
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