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Grant writing begins long before you actually have a grant to write. Your tools of the trade is information...organizational information.
These publications are the most widely consulted in the nonprofit sector. They are must-have's for anyone working in a nonprofit.
Some nonprofits have been flying "under the radar" when it comes to registering to fundraise outside their home states. This is no longer possible.
A charitable remainder trust is attractive to donors with highly appreciated assets.
Applying for 501(c)(3) status is not easy. We have some suggestions and resources for you.
Young people actually volunteer at a much greater rate than adults. How can you take advantage of this youthful drive to do good?
Even though the nonprofit sector has, over the last several years, created more jobs than the for-profit world, the current economic turmoil is bound to take its toll.
Many so-called nonprofits are simply groups of people who come together to perform some social good.
Deloitte encourages nonprofits to think of this kind of skilled help from corporations as a form of currency, helping to fill the financial gap in the face of lower corporate giving and the increased demand for nonprofit services.
That is the nature of market research. The results are often surprising and counterintuitive. What we thought was the problem turns out not to be. The research usually saves money because our marketing efforts are directed squarely at the problem and not squandered on unimportant issues.
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