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What are Bitcoins and how those can be used? An article about the advantages of using bitcoins, but also about the security problems of the cryptocurrency world.
Currency undervaluation has been nicknamed a beggar-thy-neighbor policy, while currency overvaluation has been called a beggar-thyself policy.
Many traders in Forex are happy with 10 pips in a trade. That's great! But what if you could turn a 10 pip trade into a 50 pip trade, and a 50 into 100 and even more. Learn how.
There are five ways that the Forex Industry has been tarnished and all participants have a hand in diminishing the most liquid and active market. The first step in rehabilitating the industry is to acknowledge what plagues it.
I have received a number of enquiries about the Don Coxe webcast not having been updated last week. Don does skip a week every now and then, but the good news is that it was updated yesterday, June 19. You can access the recording from the sidebar of the Investment Postcards site by clicking on his photograph. I have also made a small change to the sidebar item in that the date of the “Current call” will change at the precise moment a new webcast is posted, making it easy for you to know when
Silver was first used as currency over four thousand years ago and its name is synonymous with the true value that can only come from a real-world commodity. Here we take a look at the history of this oldest of old-school currencies, explore how it is used today and let you in on the basics of making silver your own personal hedge against inflation. Silver was first coined between 700 and 600 BC and, during the height of the Athenian Empire (5 th century) the ‘drachma’ was established as the
This contribution comes from Marc Chandler of Brown Brothers Harriman, one of my favourite currency strategists. His latest missive highlights the huge amount of debt being issued by sovereigns. It is not just the United States.: Much of the supply angst on Wall Street appears aimed at the US Treasury, which due to the bailouts and fiscal plans, are in the process of issuing billions if not trillions worth of debt. However, there are two other sources of supply that may exacerbate the chal
Trading with foreign currencies, better known as Foreign exchange trading is regarded to be one of the most promising investing option. It is not very difficult to learn forex trading, and the skills of trading with foreign currencies can be acquired by everyone. However, the fact is that over 9/10th of people trading currencies lose their fortune. So, how complicated is it to actually achieve currency trading success? Experts say, if certain rules and advices are adopted, it is possible for any
In case you thought the recession was over, here comes Accenture (ACN) to remind you otherwise. The IT services and consulting firm today posted revenue for its fiscal second quarter ended February 28 of $5.27 billion, down 6% from a year ago in dollars, up 3% in local currencies, and below the Street at $5.53 billion. Diluted EPS of 63 cents a share was a penny above expectations. But the real news was that the company has slashed its guidance for the August 2009 fiscal year. Accent
Peter Garnham of the FT: Dollar falls as haven status slips: The dollar resumed its fall against major currencies on Thursday after a sharp sell-off in the previous session following the Federal Reserve’s surprise decision to embark on a quantitative approach to monetary policy. The announcement by the Fed on Wednesday that it was to buy $300bn in long-term Treasuries surprised investors who were expecting the central bank to wait to see the effect of previously announced measures to ease credit
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