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by Zou cheaponsale

Apple is working to let developers more easily develop iPhone applications, in order to improve the iPhone’s market share.

In the past two years, many smart phone manufacturers have been struggling to catch up with Apple, scrambling to the innovation of the iPhone to respond. Although they narrowed the gap between Apple and taken many measures

Shi, but Apple may also be a big step forward has been.

Apple at March 17 issued a series of new features, so that developers can more easily the development of iPhone applications.

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Apple auditorium at the headquarters of a display of the iPhone software updates, and important

Software developers kit details.

Platform for software developers at apple on the status of the market will therefore be consolidated. In a short span of 8 months, Apple’s online App Store Application Shop where there have been 25,000 applications. In on

Chuan those application developers, 62% of people had never been to the Apple product development software.

So far, those who download the application volume has reached 8 million passengers, from the Russian box and so many games to help control insulin levels hypercalciuria Patient tools software applications available

. Rich applications are resources to help iPhone in the highly competitive smartphone market quickly jumped up to third place, the main reason.

Other competitors because they are very difficult to narrow the gap between Apple, Application Shop is also an important reason. In recent weeks, including the leaders of the smart mobile phone manufacturers Nokia, BlackBerry maker RIM and micro -

Soft, including a number of manufacturers have announced their respective plans网店applications.

Although each of the three vendors selling products at more than quantity on the apple, but the majority of their products only to phone calls and e-mail. The reason why consumers have flocked to Apple Application Shop,

Yes, but for other types of applications, such as Internet software. IPhone Game maker Digital Chocolate’s Trip Hawkins, CEO said: “This will help further expand Apple Link

First advantage. ”

Lot of new software can make up for the inadequacy of the existing iPhone software. iPhone users will be able to at first between the different applications and copy and paste text or pictures, such as the sale premises or hotel dinner locations

Insert the picture and then send e-mail go out. Users can also write in the horizontal mode, e-mail, so that allows iPhone’s soft keyboard has become bigger and better with some. iPhone software director

Scott Forstall said that the company also upgraded the server so that you can receive an email when the user or application to remind users of updates.

Moreover, an increase of the so-called end-to-end networking feature, iPhone uses of social activities will be more and more large. iPhone users can automatically through wireless means to identify and interact with other people than

Such as playing games, sharing contacts, and even software can be used Smule to a duet with your friends.

Apple also announced a number of other plans, should now be able to further expand the iPhone more active market attachment. At present, the attachment manufacturers will have enhanced ability to produce customized products. For instance,

End users of blood pressure after the volume of some applications can make use of the rapid results, and past data comparing blood pressure, or get in touch with the Doctor.

May be the most significant progress should be a development tool, developers will be able to use their labor to earn money. Developers in the first marketing applications can also select Product package

Pricing. They can also provide other procedures within the Product, so the user need not exit the application can upgrade or purchase e-books Games updates. Many developers have always wanted to sell this

Sale model, this can help them make their products with free or low-cost products to distinguish between. Although it is not enough to set up a profitable large-scale software vendors, but these candidate solutions

Allows developers to profit repeatedly. Gartner Group analyst Van Baker said: “This can improve the income of developers, promoting the developers probably have to develop more applications more expensive way

Sequence. ”

The industry believes that even though Apple does not disclose the possible future products and related information, but Apple does not give such a hint. And Apple did not announce support for the video message, which is

Apple’s own Internet research and development a prerequisite for this product. But Baker pointed out that Apple has been unwilling to disclose about the new products did not release too much information, it may have video recording and playback satisfied

Into the future design of iPhone mobile phone, but it is now reluctant to open it.

Of course, Apple’s competitors do not intend to admit defeat. Palm is expected to start from the middle of this year sales of its mobile phone Pre. Many industry observers think Apple is developing new equipment with the iPhone may be non -

Often similar, not only has a strong ease of use, and can better meet the needs of those who wish to be iPhone live and work at the same time applies to the user needs. HTC mobile phone manufacturers Electronics has announced that it intends to

3 re-released this year based on Google’s new Android mobile phone system.

Apple’s old rival, Microsoft also intends to be mainly aimed at business users of Windows Mobile software market to the consumer user market. It intends to focus on the development of the kind of can with Windows computers

Mobile Products perfect collaboration. It will be possible in 2007 when the acquisition of Tellme’s voice recognition technology to integrate into.

Microsoft Mobile Communications Business Unit, Senior Product Manager Greg Sullivan said: “The speech recognition market, substantial opportunities exist, development team is trying to integrate speech recognition functions on the system platform.”

But no matter how much people still firmly believe that Apple is developing this new product is bound to the company’s history are the most important on a product.

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