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From identity thieves impersonating the IRS to tax preparers behaving badly, scammers are on the prowl this tax season.
Can things get any worse for fund investors? Apparently so. You already know what a terrible year 2008 was for your stock funds. Through Nov. 21, domestic equity funds fell 48% on average, while their foreign counterparts did even worse - dropping 54%. But it's not just that the average fund lost around half its value. Every single stock fund was down for the year, according to Morningstar.
47 First, a couple of quick announcements you may not have seen (posted to the main web page), then below is the complete transcript to last night’s broadcast of my Second Annual State of the Revolution - a report to the American people:March 19, 2009: Listen Live Tonight - Edgar Steele on Rick Adams UncensoredPlease listen in tonight (10 pm ET and 7 pm PT) as the master of patriot radio hosting, Rick Adams (”The Radio Avenger”), and I spend a couple of hours discussing current
With Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner proposing the Public-Private Investment Program  this morning, the good people at Heritage Foundation’s Foundry blog ask a timely question: “ Would You Do Business with this Government? This Saturday a bus filled with about 40 people pulled into a cul-de-sac in Fairfield County, Connecticut where a pastor and a steelworker disembarked and made their way to the front door of one of the large homes in the neighborhood. The protestors did not make it to t
Image by schoeband via Flickr A Free Rider is considered someone who consumes more than he should, or more than what is considered “fair”. In the more extreme case it is someone who contributes nothing but still receives the full benefits of society. In a more mild case, it might be the lazy person who manages to obscure the fact that he’s only working half the time. Both of these cases are considered a problem because they present a prisoner’s dilemma to whatever they apply. If I wor
One of the most contentious topics that is being discussed at the G20 summit: “tax havens.”That shouldn’t come as a surprise. The OECD estimates that $7 trillion is stashed away in “offshore” accounts in these “tax havens” and as The Christian Science Monitor points out, “That’s more than enough to finance the stimulus plans and bank bailouts of the world’s major economies.” That’s not actually correct, but the point stands: it’s a lot of money.Of course, it’s unlikely that hard-working business
T here just may be a way to survive post-layoff with little risk and not too much fear and loathing. A drawdown of 4 percent from retirement savings plus early Social Security plus a modest hand-to-mouth income would support my current lifestyle. Here’s how: If I move my plan to create a large cash-flow pool from savings in 2010 forward to, say, today, I could pay for the Investment House mortgage out of cash flow + non-tax-deferred savings (thereby preserving tax-deferred savings, if the m
Charles Krauthammer is one of my favorite pundits to read and to listen to: erudite, well spoken, and has the ability to twist a word to twist a knife - with him, an argument (as he showed when mopped the floor with Mort Kondracke last night during the Special Report All Star segment, leaving Kondracke just flummoxed) Obama's Ultimate Agenda ...Obama has far different ambitions. His goal is to rewrite the American social compact, to recast the relationship between government and citi
Among economists who sort of seem to me to make sense, Jeffrey Sachs seems to me to hold as prominent a place as Krugman and DeLong. Sachs has an interesting and straightforward article about American macroeconomics and tax avoidance in the Scientific American . (hat tip to Dennis at Samadhisoft  who, like Sachs, should be held blameless for the following.)  Sachs says things like: The stimulus debate has centered heavily around the question of “bang for the buck,” that is, whether tax c
Rush Limbaugh made headlines again recently when he declared that he was leaving New York forever, because of the ever increasing tax rates in the state. New York now has the highest taxes in America. Gov. Rick Perry of Texas is planning to reach out to Limbaugh and encourage him to take his act to Texas. “He’s not unlike other people who want to go to a place that’s got low taxes and fair regulations and a balanced legal system and a skilled work force,” Perry told the Dallas Morning
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