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Score-Guaranteed PTE Coaching in Hyderabad, we guarantee a score of PTE Listening 79, PTE Reading, PTE Writing 79, PTE Speaking 79. Coming to student visa, we guarantee minimum 58+ for student visa. We also provide PTE online coaching during weekdays and weekends for students across the globe. We also have PTE weekend classes especially for the employees who cannot attend on weekdays. English Springs training institute offers score-guaranteed PTE Coaching in Ameerpet, Kukatpally.

PTE Coaching in Hyderabad | PTE Online Coaching
PTE Training details:

English Springs provides truly world's best training for PTE.

What do you get?
Classes for PTE by English Springs have been meticulously designed to secure you 79 in all the modules.

What does the course comprise?

The course lasts for around 8weeks.
PTE Listening: 1 Week
PTE Speaking: 1 Week
PTE Reading: 1 Week
PTE Writing: 1 Week
Individual PTE Writing Assessments: 10
Individual PTE Speaking Assessments: 15
Practice Tests & Mock Tests: 2 Weeks

What if I need more classes?

Upto 2 weeks of classes can be provided extra, if you feel the need, without any extra fee.

Can I get PTE training only in one section of the exam?

Our PTE training means not just finishing the syllabus. The PTE training means getting you the score of 79!

What PTE material do I get?

Our PTE course material is 100% on par with the real PTE, and comprises both PTE practice tests and PTE mock tests, all of which come with analytical and enlightening explanation.

What is the PTE fee?
For scores upto 79, the fee is 13500/-

Who are the PTE trainers?

The PTE trainers are highly qualified and vastly experienced in teaching PTE. They are always more than willing to help with any aspect of PTE. They take immense pleasure and pride in securing you the required scores in PTE.

When can I attend the class?

We have batches at flexible times both morning and evening. Just ping us or call us on +91 91363 91363 to the exact batch times. We also adjust the batch times according your shift, if you work in different shifts.

Can I attend a demo?

You can attend 2 real classes before you decide! We don't have demo classes, as demos are always attractive and deceptive. Hence, we encourage you to come attend two real classes.

Any Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday is perfect for you to start your classes.

For any more info, don't hesitate to call or Whatsapp us on +91 91363 91363


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