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In Q4, 55% of all email opens happened on a mobile device. I’m repeating this title phrase because I know that many of you have never viewed your own customer email blasts on a mobile device – let alone multiple devices. I know this, because if you did, you wouldn’t be sending out the wonky emails that I see every time I try to read my email on my iPad.

It’s better – for sure and I’m bolstered by that fact. But the reality is that the number of mobile email readers is increasing and with that, the number of mobile initiated sales.

The data comes from Yesmail’s new Email Marketing Compass report. Look at all the dollar bills! Mobile sales that came in via an email click increased 52% from Q3 to Q4. That’s right, not year-over-year, but quarter-over-quarter. Clearly, mobile was a big part of holiday 2013. Just imagine how important it’s going to be to holiday 2014!

Here’s an interesting note, desktop email viewership also increased but only by a tiny amount. So were did all the extra people come from? The hybrid pool. Less people are bouncing between their desktop and their mobile device for email. We’re choosing sides and mobile is winning.

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Before you can send an email message, a person has to become a subscriber. Since we’re talking about Q4 2013, there was an expected increase in active subscribers. Now here’s a very interesting chart:

According to Yesmail, companies that send out six emails per week have the highest percentage of active subscribers. I guess this fits the “out of sight, out of mind” rule. When you only send one email, customers forget about you the very next day. Six emails and they get a constant reminder to come over and shop.

But that seventh email might be the one that breaks the email camel’s back. Time for the handy unsubscribe button!

When you set up your mobile email tests this week, also include a Gmail test. 43% of new subscribers in Q4 were Gmail users. They’re also the most engaged users with 19% active within the last year compared to 10% on AOL and 14% for Yahoo.

After all that good news, there’s one bummer. Open and click rates overall declined slightly in Q4 but that might not mean what it appears to mean. Yesmail says that the default “image off” setting many email clients use can cause an email to read as “unopened” even though the consumer actually saw the text.

How’s email going for you these days?