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Kevin Kelly is an Internationally Acclaimed Motivational Speaker and authority on entrepreneurship, sales, creativity and personal excellence. Over the past two decades, he has keynoted at events around the world including the Middle East, Far East, Europe and the US. You can visit him at How do you define Business Networking and why do you feel it's important?Kevin Kelly: From my perspective effective networking is an organic phenomenen and happens at an energetic level.Josh: Can you share a few ideas that someone can put into practice which would help them to improve their business networking skills?Kevin Kelly: Believe it or not I am not an advocate of just knocking on more doors - Ibelieve the most effective networking strategy is to work on yourself.Stanford Business School Advisory Committee asserts that self awareness is the key attribute that leaders should develop - I believe self awareness is the key to attracting an effective network into your life. The more you develop yourself, the more you begin to attract the right type of people into your network.Josh: How important has networking been in your own professional life. Can you share an example or two of how it has made a difference?Kevin Kelly: Network members arrive in various guises - sometimes as students! At the start of this decade I was approached by a person who wanted to write a book. After an energetic exchange he asked me what he could do for me. I declined his offer initially highlighting that I was happy to help. He persisted - I accepted his help. It transpires that Michael was one of the top website designers around having worked on developing the site for one of the first banks and magazines online. He brought my site from absolute obscurity to the top of the rankings for some keywords... at zero cost!Beware the student may be the teacher!- Yours in networking success, Josh Hinds(Connect with me on Facebook or Twitter)*brought to you by