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by Spencer Arnold
This is one of the best times to buy repo-ed motorhome and RVs at rv repo auctions. Any savvy rv buyer knows that higher unemployment rates and home foreclosures mean the number of foreclosed rvs being bold at auction is also on the rise. This is spectacular news because it allow you as the buyer to get the best prices and a large selection on the next motor home you buy.
Repo Auctions typically sell for much less the retail. Often these discounts can be as high as 50 to 80 percent. You can to look for and buy RVs that have no major pre-existing problems. Also avoid motorhomes that have been lived in, smoked in or have pet odors. Typically newer foreclosed motor home are better deals and many may still be covered under the original manufacturers warranty.
Repo motorhomes are sold at auctions on a regular basis, such weekly, bi- weekly, monthly or seasonally.
To find Motor home rv auctions, search your local RV magazine or newspaper for repos for sale. It can also be a good idea to check with banks, lending institutions, and credit unions. Another option is to get make friend with used RV sales people and find out from them when and how often motorhome repo auctions occur.
Sales are usually final and the motor home is sold in as is condition. Find out as much as possible before you go to the auction. Find out how the RVs are usually purchased, if registration is required, and whether or not you have to pay with cash or are allowed to get financing.
It is very important to find out if the motor home you are bidding on is being sold with any kind of a warranty. At auctions they usually don’t have warranties. Occasionally the newer motor homes will come with manufacturer’s warranties and this can be a great plus.
We hope it won’t take you very long to find what you are looking for at the right price. Have fun bidding and best luck to you!

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