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Roku is the worlds leading provider of TV on-demand, and get in front of the audience of 44.6 million viewers in US alone. For TV channel owners, it means being recognized as the industry leader, easy income via TV ads, and traffic - depending on niche 3,500 to over 10,000 viewers in the first month alone with NO marketing. TV Boss is a brand new secret traffic goldmine which allows you to launch and manage your own TV channel on Roku quickly and easy without the technical hassles, coding or outsourcing. TV Boss allows you to set up your channel, upload streaming videos and manage every aspect of your channel from one simple control panel. With TV Boss, youll able to promote anything you want and get you in front of millions of potential viewers for just pennies per day that will pays you ad revenue for doing nothing.. Without SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media or any of the usual stuff holding you back… Grab it NOW With $79,000 MRR BONUS BIG DISCOUNT!


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