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Ultrasonic antifouling is one of the latest technologies developed to remove foul from vessels’ hulls. Once you adopt such a system, you will experience several advantages, all worth taking into consideration if you want to make a change and start spending less time and money on alternative methods. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits is the reduced fuel consumption. Ultrasonic systems help lower the bill, because the extra weight is lifted from the ship. Once the hull is full of algae, barnacles and mussels, a lot of pressure is put on the engine and thus, more fuel is needed. Cleaning the hull and other components is necessary, but it is not always convenient. Antifouling systems are effective and once mounted, they will do their job perfectly. More to it, people will experience better maneuverability. This is because the boat will move freely through the water, making turns is easier as well and overall sailing becomes more pleasurable.


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