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by Susan Reynolds
Car insurance provides drivers protection in the event of an accident. The importance of having insurance is not realized until the unfortunate event of an accident. Laws in most states require drivers to have insurance policies that include liability coverage. While some drivers do not have the required coverage there are those who do have liability yet they have insufficient limits to cover damages when they are at fault. For this reason, it is very important to have coverage that will protect you in case of an accident involving you and such drivers to be a provision in the insurance policy. In the industry this type of coverage is known as uninsured-underinsured motorist coverage.
The uninsured-underinsured provision is an add-on to the basic policy for an additional premium. You might think the provision is an unnecessary expense; however, it is well worth the cost if there is an accident. Although there are additional premium involved, the coverage will pay for itself in the event you are involved in an accident and the other driver is underinsured or uninsured. Obviously those are not ideal circumstances but it is good to know that you are covered just in case.
Even in states where underinsured and uninsured policies aren’t a requirement, you should carry this policy. This kind of insurance doesn’t just cover you, it covers the passengers in your car, or anyone you list on your policy as an approved driver. This type of policy doesn’t just cover damage to your car, either. It can cover hospitalization, damaged or destroyed property replacement, and disability. The cost of an uninsured or underinsured motorist policy costs a lot less money than paying for the damages an irresponsible driver can cause.
This option is vitally important to every driver and should be included in your basic liability insurance coverage. Whereas, the basic policy covers personal injury and property damage caused by you to a third party, your own personal injury is not covered nor are the damages your car receives from another driver’s car.
In a perfect world, the other driver would always foot the bill for their mistakes. But this world isn’t perfect. Consider the current state of the economy. Then ask yourself what kind of person would drive without insurance in the first place. You don’t want to end up with that responsibility yourself. This is why you need to include coverage for uninsured or underinsured drivers.
Make sure you discuss this coverage before you put the finishing touches on your insurance policy. As you probably already know, car accidents cause a phenomenal amount of death and damage each year. Find out from your company how your can insure yourself from irresponsible drivers.
When buying new insurance or renewing your old policy, be sure to ask about optional coverage options such as this. There are many studies and statistics which show that the number of deaths from car accidents is quite high, and it would be unfair to you and your family not to protect yourself against the possibility of this kind of devastating financial burden. Look into uninsured motorist coverage and find out what it takes to add it to your policy.

About the Author:
Susan Reynolds is the webmaster for a leading South African Insurance Provider who specialises in Car Insurance Policies.